Trend Shoes Issues in 2009

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Fashion info about trend shoes issues in 2009..
Flats Shoes...In 2009 Flat Shoes still being a favorite shoes for a fashionista especially for the teenagers.
so..please always keep your flat shoes in your shoes cupboard, because they still being trend in 2009... okay.
Flats Shoes are so cute. the sexy they look and chic. You can wear it with your pants, leggings or will look so girly.

Stilettos...Yayy... Stilettos are back. Wel, it's not that they ever went anywhere, but they're once again dominating the runways. can used your Stilettos again....
Stilettos are steam lined, elegant, and sexy. The higher they are, the hotter they look, bt of course they don't offer much support for one's feet.

Gladiators Shoes....Hmm..don't was thrown away your Gladiators shoes but continue to in kept then in your shoes cupboard. you can used again anytime in an unique party maybe.. =)

Open-toe shoes with tights..It's fashionable. Open-toes or peep-toes with stocking, socks or tights underneath.
Work wonderfully with like colors, especially black on black, but daring contrasts can also look great.

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