10 Rules of a Good Taste

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

1. Less, but better

There’s no point in cramming your closet with garments that do not want to accord with each other. Give your preference to the pieces that you can easily combine instead. We do not mean that you should wear two-piece outfits only (though they are obligatory in any woman’s wardrobe), but buying jeans, for instance, opt for tops, pullovers and blouses you can wear with them. And then, beginning with these combinations, choose shoes, bags and accessories. Never neglect to work up your outfits. Never let your outfit cry, ‘This shouldn't be allowed to leave the house.’ Let your wardrobe have few but right clothes!

2. Quality

However strong you might yearn for that, the words ‘cheap’ and ‘good’ very rarely stand together. Anyway have in mind that cheap clothes will make you look cheap. No matter what you want to save on, be it gloves or shoes, it will not save the general gloomy picture. It is better to have few things of high quality than the army of those with the label ‘Made in China' (if it’s not at least ‘Produced in PRC’). A good thing, that cannot be cheap by definition, will last longer and bring you much more satisfaction than a cheap analogue. And remember that simple accessories and fake fur will do for young girls only as freshness is their best advantage and decoration. Sophisticated ladies should aim at everything natural and of high quality.

3. Every little helps

Don’t believe that blindly. It can spoil everything. If you still can’t resist the lure to make some bargains at a flee market, team up all the pieces into the real team. It means, don’t combine cheap Chinese stuff with expensive stylish clothes. Prada pants will lose their look in the combination with a cheap top. Still the variations with prices are possible. As top stylists state, the woman should not save on shoes, underwear and make-up. One of your garments could be a bit cheaper, but only a bit. A striking difference will become attention grabbing, not eye-catching.

4. Don’t pin your faith on fashion

The fashion dictates its rule in a strict way, at times being even severe. Fortunately we’ve learnt some lessons in the beginning of the third millennium. However, it is still a great mystery why some people accent their weak points by wearing so-called ‘fashion’ clothes. Don’t follow the fashion blindly. Every season the catwalks generate so many ideas that every trend can be adjusted to your own interests and needs.

5. Tastes differ

Wild color combination is the first hint of a bad taste. That’s why one should choose color combinations very carefully. To avoid this task many people prefer black and gray clothes at times adding some hot hues. However, this method has a lot of drawbacks. Dark shadows can make you look a shade. The hottest color can be absolutely unflattering. Numerous women’s magazines can give some useful tips on how to choose the right colors. The easiest way is to define which type you belong to – winter, spring, summer or autumn.

6. The things we don’t see but notice.

It is underwear that makes a woman look and feel feminine. Neglecting this part of our wardrobe is totally unforgivable. Coco Chanel’s followers know for sure that the quality of our lingerie has its magical reflection in our eyes. If you have lace camisole and stockings with a suspender-belt underneath, then even the most official of your business suits gets a translucent aura of sexiness. Indulge yourself with a couple of expensive lingerie sets. Even if you save them for some special occasions, their very presence in your wardrobe will heat your soul up.

7. The highlight

Women have soft spots in their hearts to shoes. Good shoes mean comfort and beauty. Shoes give the finishing touch to your image and act as the decor element. With their help we can hide the lack of the height, lengthen the legs and even shock people. The shoes of high quality are worn longer, look much better and don’t hurt our feet. Isn’t that enough to buy only reputable manufacturers’ shoes?

8. A bit of exquisiteness

Despite its subtle character a perfume isn’t an object of luxury. It's a product of the first necessity for everybody. People can be subdivided into 2 types in their attitude to the perfumes – those who are devoted to the particular fragrance throughout the life and those who opt for the experiments and changes. But living without this beauty product at all is unthinkable.

Refuse imitations at once, every woman should have at least a little bottle of the authentic perfume and take it for granted that luxurious scents are for luxurious women. The crucially important thing is to choose the perfume correctly.

Perfumes differ in the composition: bitter, sweet, floral, cold and fresh ones. Besides, they can be for the day use and for the evening, light and hard, for the young and mature persons. All these should be taken into account when you are choosing the fragrance for yourself. It should be in harmony with you but not exist separately. If you are a small red-haired smiling person quit the idea of having anything of Christian Dior or a bitter signature of ‘Paloma Picasso’. If you are a dark-haired femme fatale, refuse warm tones of ‘Organza’ or a sweet fragrance of‘Opium’. And have measure. Too strong aroma is a gas attack, not a fragrance.

9. The correspondence principle

The first question is,‘Where are you going to go?’ and only then goes, ‘What are you going to wear?’ The lack of the correspondence makes you vulnerable. If you decide to wear an evening gown and deadly high heels for an open-aired party, be ready to encounter sympathetic glances and numb doubts about your mental health instead of admiration. However, this tip is a bit one-sided. Beggars and billionaires can indulge every possible outfit they opt for. People around take it as a necessity, or as eccentricity and originality.

10. In harmony with yourself

Only a woman can notice all the details of your outfit. Most men are guided by the subjective ‘like - don’t like’ than by the design of your ultra-stylish shoes. It happens that you are dressed perfectly from head to toes and he stares at that nightmare wearing horrific polka dots. Don’t put all the blame on man’s bad taste. Polka dots may be in accordance with their owner and that accounts for the striking effect.

World famous labels cannot promise success. It is much more important that your outfit suits you, regardless of the label. Clothes should be in harmony with your character, mood, season of the year, surrounding and social status. Only on this condition clothes can make you even more exciting, beautiful and unique.

Elena Zharina
Fashion Editor

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